About Blackwhitegraycolor


Hi, I'm Jamie. Blackwhitegraycolor is my musical project.

By day, I am an automotive software engineer. By night, and in my spare time --- which I don't have much of, since I am an engineering professional and father of four girls who have a busy school and sports schedule --- I am a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer/mixing-engineer/jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none.

Blackwhitegraycolor is a post-emo (is that a thing?) project; an eclectic mishmash drawing from styles such as emo, punk, indie rock, ambient, and perhaps a smattering of classical piano.

What's with the weird band name?


I grew up a pretty strong Black & White thinker, "knowing" that there was a "right" and "wrong" answer to everything, and of course I always knew the right answer. Compromising on my fundamentalist beliefs would have signaled a quick descent into a sea of Gray, where everyone was allowed their own truth, and relativism would destroy the world... yet as I grow older and find myself loosening my grip on my beliefs, and as I move from a stance of rigid certainty ("I have the truth") to loving curiosity ("Everyone is my teacher"), I find the world illuminates into deeper and richer Color.

About "Sorrow, Sorrow"


My debut album is an exploration of the mind, turmoil, and humanity of Jesus of Nazareth, as he questions his faith and faces his death. It is depressing, bleak, angry, desperate, moody, and unsettling... but ultimately hopeful. As is life.

The album is 100% written, arranged, performed, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by me. I plan on releasing the album by the end of fall 2019. Stay tuned!



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